Custom Fit

Custom Fit

Miklagard Custom Fitting

Ta custom fitting med Tom Horley

Custom fitting

Before anything else, your technician will discuss your goals, golfing habits and how we can improve your game. We then take a look at your current club specifications and form baseline of not only the static measurements, but how this club has performed over time. From here, we can discuss any discrepancies that may have been hindering performance as well as what you are looking for from a new product.

We then move into the dynamic phase, capturing data using our Trackman 4 system. This allows allows us to pinpoint any dynamic problems with the current set-up or confirm its positive attributes. If the current set-up is not performing well, we will use our knowledge and experience to find the best solution. As part of the academy here at Miklagard, you also have access to top level coaching


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